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Old Holland Claessens Linen Canvas for Oils - Old Holland Claessens has over a century of craftsmanship behind its name and is considered a leader in its field. These canvases feature traditional Oil Primed Old Holland Claessens Belgian Linen, hand-stretched on professional quality European stretchers. Only for oil paints.


Krink K-90 Pump Action Paint Markers - Unique pump-action. Steel roller-ball tip. Comes in 2 opaque colors. 26 ml. Alcohol-based paint. No harmful solvents. Fade and water resistant. Rollerball nib, perfect for fine detail work.


Brusho Watercolour Crystals - Brusho allows you to create visually stunning, expressive artwork with the minimum of fuss. Sprinkle directly on your pre-wet surface of choice and watch the colours appear magically, or put some Brusho onto your brush, knife or painting tool to control application and achieve a variety of effects.


Kizara Wood Memo Pad - Kizara memopads are made by shaving Japanese red pine wood into paper-thin sheets. The sheets are packaged into a reporter-style notepad with a protective cardboard cover making it great for travel. Write directly on wood!


Artgraf No.1 Kneadable Graphite Putty - ArtGraf No.1 is an innovative way to use premium artist grade graphite for drawing or painting. No.1 has the consistency of putty that allows the artist to mold its shape for large or small areas. Combined with water, it produces an endless range of light and dark shades of graphite. Comes in a resealable pouch.


Palomino Blackwing Pencils and Accessories - Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, and replaceable eraser. Now in stock at all store locations and online, get pick up your Palomino Blackwing Classic, 602, or Pearl – or all three – now!


Studio Designs Solano Drafting Table - The Solano Adjustable Tables brighten up your work area so your creative juices can run free. Don't be fooled by its simple design. Its triangular shape keeps it rock steady, and four floor levelers help if your floors are less than perfect. **Available online and our McCaul location only.**


RGM New Age Line Palette Knives - New palette knives from RGM now in stock! These unique shapes are designed for expressive style in painting. They feature a tempered steel blade ground manually to ensure constant flexibility. Check them out now!


Golden AZ Acrylic Starter Set - The new A-Z Acrylics Starter Set from GOLDEN offers artists a self-guided workshop experience in a box! Encouraging trial and exploration, this set is perfect for artists just starting out with acrylics and longtime users of acrylics looking for a way to recharge their creative energy through a new product or application. Contains 14 products in various sizes and colours.


Children's Table Top Easel - Paint, color and draw with this double-sided tabletop easel featuring both a chalkboard and a dry-erase board. Constructed of solid pine with round sanded edges, this durable easel folds up quickly for storage and has a built-in handle for easy transport.


Limited Edition Simpsons Moleskines - Homer and Bart Simpson join the ranks of the great creative thinkers of our time with their very own Moleskine Limited Edition notebook collection. The classic notebook turns yellow to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the longest-running scripted show in TV history. With different debossings of Bart and Homer on the covers, an illustrated view over Springfield adorns the endpapers, where the familiar "in case of loss, please return to" label remains present. Blank pages.


Tuttle Origami Kits - Now in stock: new origami sets from Tuttle Publishing! Check out the My First Origami Kit for young beginners, try the traditional Amazing Origami Set, take a step-by-step course with the Origami Studio Set, or have a blast with the High Performance Paper Airplanes Set! Great gift item.



Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Paints Limited Edition Twilight Series - From burning, blood red skies to glassy, mirrored lakes. From dark, city tower blocks to giant distorted shadows. From ghostly mist shrouded hills to light-streaked, rush hour motorways. Whatever your style or subject, it’s time to capture your twilight. Winsor & Newton's new Twilight series of Limited Edition watercolour paints are all Series 3 paints inspired by twilight. Get them while they last!


Speedball Aluminum Screen Printing Frames - Pure quality of craftsmanship: each piece of Speedball's aluminum frames are hand cut, welded for a water-tight seal and ground smooth for flatness and flawless edges. Extruded from the highest grade aluminum coupled with a high precision woven mesh that is pneumatically stretched to industry standard tensions, makes for a strong, reliable, & highly durable frame. Experience longevity with these frames as you are able to stretch and re-stretch with them many times. Available in four sizes. Made in the USA.


Above Ground Drafting Tools - The new Above Ground Alumicolor drafting tools are made from the highest quality tempered extruded aluminum. The extrusion process creates rulers and scales with smooth edges to exact specifications. The photo anodizing process makes the finish, the color and the calibrations a permanent part of the aluminum. Calibrations are resistant to cleaners or solvents. The anodizing process also means no ticks, raised surfaces or grooves to interfere with the creation of accurate plane, drawings and other precision work. These products are made in El Salvador, and assembled and distributed in the U.S.A. Magnifying Rulers are made in the U.S.A.


Molotow Paint Markers - The Molotow Paint Marker series is as unique as versatile. All markers are refillable with ONE4ALL refills and the tips can be exchanged easily. The paint itself can be used with every application tool imaginable. Due to its versatility ONE4ALL opens up endless creative possibilities for artists, writers and street artists. This marker and paint system is the missing link between spray can, airbrush, marker and paint brush. Made in Germany.


Above Ground 10-piece Sketch Set - This sketching set includes 7 sketch pencils (2H, F, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B) and 3 charcoal pencils (2B, 4B, 6B). Comes in a clamshell case.


Above Ground Sketching Pencils Tin Set of 12 - This Sketch Pencil Set contains 12 assorted graphite pencils in a flat snap shut tin. A great set of any sketching or drawing project and the tin makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Set includes 6H, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, and 8B.


Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers - Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers are a range of highly pigmented water-based markers which deliver superb colour performance with added precision. These markers are expertly crafted with dual nibs to enable you to achieve unrivalled definition and control. Each marker has a fine point on one end and a flexible brush on the other, helping you create a variety of stunning, sweeping line thicknesses and superior detailing. The colour is easily blended with water to create soft and vibrant water colour washes.


Jacquard SolarFast - Jacquard SolarFast provides quick, easy, and incredibly detailed fabric and fine art printing without the hard work and mess of other techniques! Solarfast dyes are used to create photograms, photographs and shadow prints on paper and fabric. It is also great for painting, tie dyeing, stamping, batik, screen printing, and more.


Jacquard Cyanotype - Cyanotype is an antique photographic process distinctive for producing Prussian blue monochromatic prints. Cyanotype is a remarkably simple process that employs two inexpensive chemicals and sunlight/UV. Prints can be made on any natural fiber: paper, cotton, silk, wool, wood, etc. Shop these new products by Jacquard today!

SwatchMate Colour Capturing Cube - The Cube is the simplest way to capture colour. Just find something to scan, position the Cube on the object's surface, and tap the button to capture the color. Link directly to Photoshop with CubeLink, and get the closest Pantone values as well! Display colours in CMYK, sRGB, Hex, L*a*b, and even match colours to the closest Copic marker hue!


Daniel Smith watercolours - For over 30 years, DANIEL SMITH paints have been formulated, produced and packaged in Seattle. When you use a DANIEL SMITH product, you support a community whose passion for color and quality has fueled some of the most inventive developments in the art materials industry. Available in watercolour sticks, or over 150 colours of 15mL tubes.


Itoya SKÜTR Bags - SKÜTR BAGS are a must have transportation device for all commercial artists, graphic designers and advertising agency creatives. The first bags from the inventors of the original Digital Printer Albums, the Profolio SKÜTR BAGS allow both oversized albums and tablet devices to be carried in one convenient travel bag; the perfect marriage for the contemporary presenter who utilizes both tablets and printer output images when communicating their designs and concepts.


Mabef 360° Revolving Painting Accessory - This accessory attaches to an easel to give a 360-degree painting capability. It allows artists to rotate their painting into any vertical position desired, opening up many new painting possibilities. Makes a great gift for the artist that has everything!


Rotring ArtPen - Premium calligraphy and lettering pen with ergonomic body. Precise nib crafted from the finest stainless steel. Ergonomic body combining the balance and nib shape of the quill pen with the convenience of a modern fountain pen. Two ink cartridges included.


1 Shot Lettering Enamel - These Alkyd-Resin (oil base) gloss enamel paints are perfect for interior or exterior use on metal, glass, wood, enamel receptive banners and vinyl, vehicle lettering, pinstriping and graphics. 1 Shot Lettering Enamels have outstanding hiding, durability and fade resistance.


Princeton 3050 Mini Detail Series Brushes - Princeton's Mini Synthetic Sable Brushes are designed for detail work and feature a handle with Velvetouch™ Finish. Precise brushes for precise tasks. Superb for fine detail painting. Sought-after by decorative artists and painters of miniatures in watercolor, acrylic, and gouache.


Princeton 4750 Neptune Brushes - Neptune™ is Princeton's softest and thirstiest synthetic brush delivering oceans of color to the sheet. Experts in natural hair have been incredulous that this is actually synthetic. Neptune™ is available in a beautiful range of shapes including mottlers and quills. The beautiful sea glass handles of the aquarelle brushes are the signature of the line.


Gamblin Oil Mediums Set - The Gamblin Mediums Set contains a sampling of Gamblin painting mediums and is a great introduction to understanding their role in a modern painting studio. Using today’s safer materials, they recreate the properties of traditional mediums and provide a way for painters to expand their knowledge and techniques.

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