The entire Golden site is a fantasticwealth of information for painters, but their comprehensive video library with tips, tricks and techniques is one of the best around!

Homepage for the television show full of fun videos, activities and ideas for kids!

Great website for ideas for arts education, programs and activity ideas.

Tons of craft ideas and art-related fun for kids!

Art lessons, craft plans and activities for all ages!

Great site with tons of tips, tricks and techniques, as well as product info from one of the best oil medium/paint companies around.

Great site for stock photography, editorial images, footage, music and references.

The Biggest How To and DIY community where people make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, recipes, and hacks.

Useful, informative and funny site on how to glue/stick pretty much anything to pretty much anything else.

Health Canada resources for safe use of art and craft materials. Includes great guidelines minimizing safety risks.

Tips on safe use of art materials and creating a fun, safe, art class for kids of all ages.

Tips, tricks and tutorials section and resource network categorized by area of interest. Great link selection for artists looking to gain some knowledge or keep up to date on what’s new in their field.

Link to a fantastic article on safe and eco-friendly art supplies, with input from Above Ground’s own art supplies purchasing maven, Michelle Abrams!

Comprehensive artist’s community with articles, news, forums and information on art supplies.

Information on artists’ programs, awards, grants and national arts initiatives.